When Young Life acquired La Finca, a camp property in Nicaragua, we had one objective in mind-to make it possible and affordable for kids in that country to hear about Jesus at a Young Life camp.  We got more than that though-we got a camp plus a gold mine that grows more gold every year.

The coffee raisead at La Finca is ranked by cupping experts among the top 3% of all coffee grown in the world. The beans are selected to provide the best flavor, so that you will enjoy your cup of coffee every morning. With your purchase of 41 & Change coffee, all profits help make Young Life sustainable in Nicaragua as well as benefit our local area. And because Young Life is committed to enriching all lives associated with this coffee, we are proud to pay our farmers 25% more than the national wage.

Change never tasted so good.
Buy a bag today.


  1. Follow this link to set up your purchase. Then the largest portion of your donation be directed to Delco Young Life.  Designate if you want your profits to go to a specific camper.
  2. Think about where you need coffee.  Of course around the breakfast table, but do you stock K-Cups at work for staff and clients? Or serve coffee to large groups at church or meetings?
  3. Select your coffee.  You can choose between blends, whole bean or ground, even K-Cups!  
  4. Complete your purchase. Use your credit card and select the desired shipping. 

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